23 Lessons I learned while I was 23

This year was a year of growth, making hard decisions, taking leaps of faith, reinventing myself and just stepping into my truth, fully and unapologetically. Here are 23 lessons I learned while I was 23.

  1. Decisions are hard, but you must make them anyways.
  2. Put yourself first
  3. It’s okay to reinvent yourself
  4. Love yourself so much it hurts
  5. You can help others more if you are pouring into their cups from an abundant waterfall vs if you are trying to share one bottle of water
  6. Quit while you’re ahead
  7. Be preventative, not reactive
  8. Age doesn’t automatically give wisdom
  9. You will outgrow people and that’s okay
  10. You are truly a terrible liar
  11. Some people will hate you and that’s okay
  12. It’s not personal its just business
  13. Never dumb down your greatness… for ANYONE!
  14. You are unique, never forget it
  15. Failure isn’t a loss its a lesson
  16. Most ends lead to new beginnings
  17. Multitasking is a lie
  18. Don’t lie to yourself
  19. Do the hard thing first
  20. Work hard and SMART
  21. You are not superwoman, nor do you want to be
  22. If you can’t love all of me then you deserve none of me
  23. There is a lot more to learn, pace yourself

I know that the 24th chapter of this book of adventures called my life will be even more magical and I can’t wait to embark on that journey.

Year 24… I’m ready for you!

Originally published at www.gsdwithgeorgie.com.



Entrepreneur, Mother, Creator. Twitter @gsdwithgeorgie , Catch me making moves at GSDwithgeorgie.com. Create value & you shall live forever

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