Apples to Peaches: Why I moved to Georgia

2 min readSep 6, 2018


Apples Via Unsplash

After living in NY for the last 16* years ( 2 yrs in NJ). This August my family and I took a huge leap of faith.

We moved 1000 miles from NY: Apple to GA: Peach.

From Jam packed high paced city life to open space slow motion country life. From friends and family around the corner to strangers and a whole new city and state.

Peaches via Unsplash

Why the heck would we do such a thing?

The simple answer is for Peace of Mind.

The more complex answer is a build-up of the last 3 years living in various NY and NJ neighborhoods. In May 2015 we moved to East Orange, NJ. A year later in April 2016, we moved to Newark, NJ. A year later in March 2017, we moved, this time to Port Jervis, NY. Each year we moved because for two main reasons.

  1. The community was not good for kids and families
  2. The home was uncomfortable

SO back to the simple answer. We wanted a place to call home that could offer us a good family-friendly community and enough physical ( and mental ) space. After all your home is supposed to be a sanctuary… right?

Moving 1000 miles away has met those needs. Sometimes, you need a change in your environment, to realign yourself and your life and for my family, this move was it. Being a New Yorker for most of my life I keep trying to convince myself of ways we could have made NY living work, but with a 1 bedroom easily going for over $1,500 and being the size of a closet. It just didn’t make sense. I remind myself (daily)“NY is only a plane/train/bus/car ride away”.

It’s been a week in our new home, and we all LOVE it! The community is amazing, very friendly, kind/neighborly, and diverse. Inside the house is even better. We have more than enough space including a heavenly master suite and huge backyard. I even have an actual home office now! YAYYY.

We are more productive, happier, eating better, and just taking things a day at a time. The apple was sweet, and peaches are just as sweet….maybe even sweeter!




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