F*ck it, It’s Life

The past few months of my life have been some of the worst and best experiences of my life, at the same time. It’s so dramatic that I still struggle to comprehend how I was able to think straight. I have been broken down to my core and rebuilt to be better, smarter, and stronger than how I started this journey.

Yea, life is some crazy sh*t, and quite frankly I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Remember a few months ago when I blogged about moving to Georgia. Well I’ve moved again, back to NY. I guess I needed more apples.

Georgia was an amazing experience. I was sad to leave but choose to look at my L’s as lessons, not losses.

While in Georgia I:

  • Learned how to work from home more efficiently
  • Was able to connect more with my husband and children
  • Finished writing and published my book The Art of Getting Sh*t Done that has sold over 200 copies
  • Launched my podcast Doing the Most: The misadventures of Entrepreneurship that in only 3 months has gained over 2600 subscribers
  • Learned some difficult but well-needed information about how to be a better business owner and entrepreneur
  • Took Nicole Walters 1k1Day 6 week business bootcamp
  • Realized what my expectations are for my future home/life set up ( y’all those houses down there is no joke! I’m gonna have one, a BIG one )

So although a short stay, Georgia has left a huge mark on me.

Coming back to NY though, that actually scared me. Why would a place I’ve known for the majority of my life scare me? It’s because I know NY. All its fast pace, hustle, bustle, and struggle is a huge energy drainer. It’s so easy to get distracted in NY because of all the various opportunities happening at the same time all seeming to call your name. I was scared that I would get distracted and lose the productive streak I gained in Georgia. But one other key lesson I learned in Georgia was how to say no and not need to be a part of everything.

I came back to NY with sadness and fear but since being back the flood gates of opportunities have flung themselves wide open. I landed a contract at an amazing organization, my companies are growing faster, and my family is happier here.

The past 3 weeks since I’ve been here I’ve listened to 8 audiobooks all by different people with different stories and backgrounds. What has surprised me is that in each of these books the author or the main character goes through some crazy life experience that they have no idea how they are going to get through it and who will be there with them at the other side if and when they do get through it. Every single one of these individuals who hit rock bottom ( some multiple times) were able to climb the ladder again to the top. Each time coming back better, faster, stronger, and SMARTER. These books helped me cope with the fear and sadness and made me realize that shit will hit the fan ( sometimes many fans) but that’s life.

Did you wake up today? Do you have a chance to change your life? Do you have the capacity to know and do better? If the answer to these questions is yes, well then you’re doing just fine.

At the end of the day no matter what you’ve been through, say to yourself “fuck it, its life” and know that EVERYONE has been through something that made them feel the way you do now. Don’t feel ashamed, just try your best to do and be better.

IF you woke up today, be grateful and get to work. Live your life to the max each day because that the one sole purpose of life, to live.

A lot of these experiences I’ve had these past months were unexpected but they taught me huge lessons that brought me closer to God, myself and my family. I say all this to say that I am grateful to wake up every day and have the opportunity to live this thing called life. We all know that sometimes life can become unbearable, so much disappointment and stress but let’s not forget those great, amazing and beautiful moments of life.

I want to let you know that, that’s a part of the fine print of life “the road WILL get bumpy” you just have to keep going until it smooths back out again.

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Entrepreneur, Mother, Creator. Twitter @gsdwithgeorgie , Catch me making moves at GSDwithgeorgie.com. Create value & you shall live forever

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Entrepreneur, Mother, Creator. Twitter @gsdwithgeorgie , Catch me making moves at GSDwithgeorgie.com. Create value & you shall live forever

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