GSD Summit Speakers 2018

This Sunday, November 18th I hosted my very first online summit. This is the longest time I have ever been on video. 7 hours 17 minutes and 42 seconds. The technology failed a few times, some speakers had to cancel last minutes, I was exhausted, it felt crazy. BUT I loved every minute of it! I want to express my gratitude and thank yous to all the speakers, attendees, and partners for making this event possible.

I just have a confession to make. I didn’t originally plan on hosting a GSD summit this year. Prior to moving to Georgia, I told myself I would wait until 2019 to host the next GSD summit and have it in May or June instead of November. We all know that October — November is conference season and I just didn’t want to compete with all the other amazing conferences happening ( mainly because I wanted to attend them). Then I moved to Georgia and everything changed.

I started creating more video content, I had my home office, and a whole tech set up. So I thought to myself: “What if I kept the GSD summit but did it online?” Once I planted that seed in my mind, there was no turning back. So from early September and I went to work trying to figure out “How can I get this shit done?”. I knew I didn’t have a lot of time so I spent hours attending online webinars and events to see what platforms they were using, days testing various software, creating the marketing materials, sending out requests for speakers. Next, I literally sent 1000+ emails ( seriously ), received 60+ applications for speakers, made 200+ flyers. Whew Chile.

The moment I first felt the magic was when Interviewing potential speakers and realizing that folks were applying from all over the world. Then when the ticket sales started coming in and the same thing happened. People from different states and countries were now a part of the summit.

I realized what I was creating and the access I was giving no longer ended at the NY city limits but had officially gone global. Now anyone, anywhere could access this knowledge, connections, and resources.

Missed the summit? No problem. You can purchase the GSD Summit 2018 course. The course includes:

  • All 13+ summit panels and workshops
  • Quizzes after each talk
  • Notes and highlights of each workshop
  • Special bonus PDF’s and worksheets

Now not only do you get the summit you get the entire breakdown, this way you can retain the information and take the action steps to success!

The course is $34.99 but for Black Friday — Cyber Monday we are discounting it to half off aka $17.50. Just use code GSDTHX at checkout when you purchase here!

Thank you to our Speakers

  • Alex Portera Co-Founder Nowhere Men Media
  • Bonnie Bruderer Founder of BINGE Networks
  • Taylor Jacobson CEO at Focusmate
  • Megan Fenyoe I am a Veteran, Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), Transformational Mindset Coach, Best Selling Author, Professional Speaker and Podcast.
  • Miha Matlievski CEO of Fail Coach LLC
  • Sean Douglas TEDx Speaker, Master Resilience Implementer, International Radio Show Host, Business Positioning Strategist, and Author
  • Tim Lampkin CEO of Higher Purpose Co.
  • Mario Starks Technology Director / Co-Founder of
  • Latasha Kinnard CEO of Start Young Financial
  • Colette Ellis Founder, Start Within Coaching
  • Yi Shan Creator of The 30-hour Work Week System
  • Dana Levin-Robinson Chief of Staff at VirtualHealth
  • Tameka Vasquez Associate Director of Marketing
  • Monica Barrette Monica Be. Barrette Agency
  • Sean Torrington Founder & CEO of SLAY TV
  • Sharna Jenkins Founder of Theater in Motion
  • Kalilah Wright Founder and CEO of Mess in a Bottle
  • Natasha Nurse Owner & Co-Founder of Dressing Room 8
  • Andrew Nguyen Co-Founder BYOBlive
  • Monica Adams CEO of Radiance Festival and Operation Muse
  • Chris Grundemann Principal Architect of Myriad // President of IX-Denver
  • Sukhtej Singh Partner at InvestSingh
  • D.K. Smith CMO & Co-Founder of
  • Angel Rich CEO and Founder, The Wealthy Life, Inc.
  • Olive Persimmon Author & Speaker
  • Dawn Michelle Hardy Founder, Dream Relations PR & Literary Consulting
  • Ameniki Omotola Chief Movement Officer — Trinidad Mogulista
  • Catherine M Laub CEO of The Celestial Spoon, Inc
  • Teri Angel Chief Happiness Officer at Angelspeakers LLC
  • Moneeka Sawyer Founder of Blissful Investor
  • Jay Menez Founder of Inspired Media
  • Devi Adea Host of the Spiritual Entrepreneur Podcast
  • Tina Martini Chef Owner Tina’s Ageless Kitchen
  • Adrienne Lawrence Attorney & On-Air Host
  • Pazit Perez creator
  • Peter Shinen Purveyor of Clarity and Happiness

Thank you to our partners

  • GSD with Georgie
  • Binge Networks
  • ABF Creative
  • Benchmark Creative Group
  • Young Boss Media

Get Shit Done Summit 2019 is in the works. Reach out to me via if you want to help bring it to life.

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