My Audiobook is live, what next?

The Art of Getting Shit Done Audiobook is now complete.

In November 2016 I hosted my first Get Shit Done Summit. The next day I started to write my book “The Art of Getting Sh*t Done”. I didn’t have the full picture just yet but I knew it was important for me to share my journey, strategies on being resourceful, and the mindset behind how I was able to get so much done.

To set the scene at the time of the summit and starting the book I was a 21-year old college senior with a 4yr old and pregnant with my second child while running two businesses. Half the time I didn’t have any idea what I was doing but I knew I was ambitious, resourceful, and strategic. These traits have been embedded in me for as long as I could remember. At an early age I knew that Getting shit done wasn’t a perfect science or equation but instead an art. I wanted to share that information with everyone possible.

Spring 2018, I read Don’t Dumb Down Your Greatness by my friend Anthony Frasier. After reading his book I made a promise to myself to finish my own book.

Summer 2018, after much procrastination and fear, I started working with a coach to help me finish and self-publish the book. I reached out to Anthony and asked him to write the foreword for my book, he said yes! How I did it

Fall 2018, I launched a crowdfunding campaign for the book where the book was able to reach #1 in Business and lock in 67 pre orders.

February 2019, the first version paperback and kindle version went live. I had a launch party with my friends and family to celebrate the book.

Summer 2019, I planned and executed a 7 stop Book tour around NY.

Fall of 2019, I did my first ever TEDx Talk on “Getting it Done”.

2018 -2019 was a great year for the book, there were just two final pieces of the puzzle.

#1 Editing the book again to clean up typos

#2 Recording the audiobook.

In 2020 I made another promise to myself to re-edit the book and then record the audiobook.

Summer 2020, the book was re-edited and the send paperback/kindle version went live

Now May 2021, the final step is complete and the audiobook is now available!

Up next: Get the book into libraries ( If you have resources on this reach out! )

This journey started in November 2016 and is now still going in May 2021. The first version of the book wasn’t perfect, but it was necessary. My book has impacted hundreds of people around the world and will one day impact millions.

Just start where you are, start today.

Start now!

Shameless plug.. Go Read or listen to The Art of Getting Sh*t Done!




Entrepreneur, Mother, Creator. Twitter @gsdwithgeorgie , Catch me making moves at Create value & you shall live forever

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Entrepreneur, Mother, Creator. Twitter @gsdwithgeorgie , Catch me making moves at Create value & you shall live forever

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